welcome :) 

I’m a 3rd year studying Communication Design at University of Cincinnati’s school of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. I am 22 years old and spent my first two years at UC getting what is now my minor in psychology.

Design has become an expression of who I am and how I believe in living--an intimate relationship with failing, reframing, and trying again. A commitment to perpetual learning; exploring another’s world, mindfully processing and daily problem-solving. A promise of integrity and quality.

I am perpetually curious, appreciating the exploration of new facets in design as much as I enjoy mastering the basic fundamentals. I love refining my process and knowing I’ll be doing it forever.

When i’m not designing, I’m reviewing books on @wejustwanttoread, volunteering in SW Ohio, planning out next month’s calendar, or listening to an audiobook or poli-ed podcast.