Spring 2024 · Co-Op · Branding · Social Media · Pitch Decks · Project Management Cintrifuse

Cintrifuse is a startup hub in Cincinnati where I specialized in providing design services to business owners seeking support with branding, marketing, and presenting to investors.

Through 1-on-1 consultations with founders, I assessed the project requirements, set a timeline, and established final deliverables.

My responsibilities included:
-developing brand guidelines
-refining and enhancing brand assets and elements
-crafting compelling pitch decks with data visualization
-creating content and guides for digital marketing and social media  

Throughout these projects, I leveraged a diverse range of design and leadership skills to meet the unique needs of each startup in their respective fields.

Companies Assisted:

Brand Identity 

Assessed existing brand components, refined and enhanced elements, imagery, logos, typography rules, etc., and compiled them into new brand guidelines. 

Assessed Existing Brand Components

-lack of cohesion in color/graphic elements/imagery
-design choices not reflecting desired modern look
-typography lacking clear hierarchy 

Improved Brand Components

Social Media

Empowered startups with the materials to cultivate an online following on various social media platforms by creating custom social media guides for a cohesive feed, curating image galleries, and designing posts such as profile pictures, instagram posts, animations, and headers. 



The Practical Investors:

One Pager

Allowed startups to showcase their business succinctly and effectively by creating condensed yet comprehensive representation of a company's brand, offerings, and ethos, all elegantly distilled onto a single page.

Pitch Decks

Transformed cluttered, illegible, lengthy, and disjointed decks into cohesive and polished presentations. Elevated visual aesthetics, simplifed content, ensured brand voice is effectively communicated to investors.