Fall 2023 · Typography III · Publication DesignCatfight Magazine

Catfight is a women’s Muay Thai publication that confidently disrupts typical expectations of female combat. In a world where stereotypes often depict women’s fighting as hair-pulling and scratching, Catfight redefines the narrative.

Showcasing the true essence of female Muay Thai fighters and the multifaceted nature of women, Catfight is where strength and aggression meet grace, joy, and play, and where these women redefine expectations simply by honoring and embodying all aspects of themselves.

Table of Contents
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Article 1
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Article 2
Article 3

Concept Voice
I began by writing a list of adjectives discerning what Catfight is and is not. This list acted as a point of reference throughout the many cycles of change.

Wordmark Font Exploration
After exploring many typefaces, referring to my list of adjectives for direction, I ultimately chose Yukari as the starting point of my wordmark. 

Sketch Explorations
What alterations can be made to make the wordmark more playful and feminine, while still keeping the powerful and dynamic nature of fighting?

Final Wordmark:

Final Spreads:

Magazine Specs: